Why Xin Chao Locals

Why spend 8-10 hours on a tour company bus just seeing the ordinary, crowded touristy attractions when you can see the real, vibrant Vietnam with us instead?


Meet local artisans and craftsmen, be immersed in local culture and customs, visit important historical and culture sites and temples, enjoy traditional Vietnamese cuisine, and get to visit village schools and tradesmen.


Truly remarkable travel experiences crafted from 2 to 8 hours that you will treasure for a lifetime with our Local Ambassadors committed to excellent customer service and cultural experiences.


Private, adjustable and flexible experiences tailored to the time you have. Guide and transport with no hidden extra costs. Our Local Ambassadors will listen carefully to your wishes and strive to fulfil them.

Xin Chao Locals

Our dedicated team researches and creates these customized local experiences, saving you time, money and misadventure, while ensuring that you will connect with the real Vietnam. Our local experts listen and adjust to your needs and desires in order to create great memories of your visit to Vietnam!

Explore Our Vietnam

Meet Local Ambassadors​

Experienced travelers know that a successful day of touring largely depends upon the quality of the guide. Our carefully chosen, well-informed tour guides all have happy, delightful personalities and are so enthusiastic about their town or village that they deserve to be called “Local Ambassadors”. We have trained them to demonstrate their local knowledge in such a way that their guests become equally enchanted with what they have seen and experienced.


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