Vietnam is a beautiful tropical coastal country lying on the Indochinese peninsula (or the Mainland Southeast Asia). It’s one of the best places to travel with kids for your family holiday. Choosing Vietnam, parents will have relaxing times to enjoy wonderful moments with babies, toddlers, or zt any ages.

Travel with kids in an imposing tropical country

Vietnam is home to numerous stunning landscapes from spectacular mountain ranges to turquoise oceans. Thanks to naturally favorable conditions, the country becomes a promising destination for all tourists over the world, especially to travel with kids.

Along the length of Vietnam, you and your kids will be surprised at the scenery again and again. From north to south, your family journey goes through different landscapes like the lush green tropical forest, rolling mountain ranges, cascading rice terraces, quaint villages, and picturesque beaches. 

cascading rice terraces
A picturesque landscape in Vietnam

All the views are mostly untouched by modern effects. Therefore, your family will be on an amazing journey to find the hidden beauty of the fair land. It also gives kids chances to be with nature, stay away from smart devices like cell phones or computers. 

In the fact that Vietnam stretches long from north to south, the weather is different from two parts of the land. In the North, we have four seasons in a year: spring, summer, fall, and winter; whereas another part only has two seasons: the dry season and the wet season. That means you can come to the country in different destinations with the ideal weather every time in a year.

Tasty Vietnamese cuisine

Your family definitely must try out Vietnamese food since the special cuisine never let you down. In the country, there are various kid-friendly foods that all family members can enjoy together. At some points, you’d be surprised that your food fussy child eats new foods enjoyingly.

Thanks to the favorable tropical climate, Vietnam is home to various foods from greens, spices to fruits. Most dishes are made from fresh regional ingredients that are high in vitamins and minerals. In addition, the flavor of Vietnamese food varies from north to south. That’s great news because your family will never get bored of enjoying wonderful dishes when you travel with kids

Vietnamese food
Your picky eater baby will be interested in trying Vietnamese foods

Vietnamese foods are well-known as kid-friendly dishes since they are pretty mild and full of nutrition. Unlike Thai or Chinese food, Vietnamese cuisine tends to be the perfect mixture of vegetables and meat with less pungent spices. Plus, people don’t use too much oil/lard in cooking, that is much healthier for kids. 

Moreover, you must let your kids try as many tropical fruits as possible in this tropical fruit paradise. It’s a good chance to taste the unique exotic flavor of mangosteen, dragonfruit, custard-apple, rambutan, etc. right from its origin. Your picky eater will be so excited to try new fruit in vibrant color, strange shape, and good flavor.

Rich Vietnamese culture

You might not know that Vietnam is a multicultural country. In fact, there are 54 ethnic minorities living happily there. They have been keeping well their cultures and traditions through the up and down of history for thousands of years. Therefore, it’s a persuasive reason for you to visit Vietnam with kids.

In this country, every aspect of life reflects the characteristic culture, from lifestyle, custom, architecture, art to entertainment. Therefore, it’s not so hard for all your family members to embrace the old-age Vietnamese culture. Let’s take a local trip to travel with kids and share authentic moments with residents of the place.

authentic moments with residents
Getting off the beaten path is the best way to travel like a local with kids

To get closer to the rich culture of Vietnam, you and your kids should visit ancient villages,traditional craft villageshistorical relics, and museums. In fact, those villages with locals living are highly recommended because all your family members can understand the special tradition in a lively way. When the eyes can see, the ears can hear, and the hand can take part in some real activities, there is no word can do better than that. 

Friendly and hospitable locals

You will find your heart melted when in Vietnam since locals are so kind and friendly. They even show more affection for kids, though. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that all your family members feel so cozy in a foreign country. That’s so great for kids, right?

All Vietnamese people are family-oriented. They have a strong respect for family values and always do their best to keep the tradition alive. Everywhere you go, you will find the cozy vibe from the house to the street: children show respect to the older and the older take care of the young.

We highly recommend that you don’t be shy to ask for help in Vietnam. Just ask and you will find that they will help with all their hearts. Even though most locals aren’t able to speak English, you can connect and let them know about your problem with gestures and facial expressions. 

Relaxed parenting

One of the biggest problems when traveling with kids is safety. As parents, we know you are trying your best to both keep your child safe and have a lot of wonderful family experiences. Well, you find Vietnam a lifesaver for the problem! The country is totally kid-friendly for relaxed parenting.

In Vietnam, people mostly are kind and generous. They hardly do rude gestures or raise their voice in public areas. Plus, Vietnamese residents are so welcoming and engaging to share laughs with others, even foreign strangers. In this atmosphere, your kids can be safe and totally feel the tight connection of humanity.

Vietnamese residents
The organized chaos in Vietnam

Are you worried about big cities with crazy traffic?

It’s just a rumor! Although the number of motorbikes in Vietnam is incredibly high, road rage seems non-existent. People drive their vehicles in control so that the chance of being hurt while walking on the street is pretty low. Just stick to pavements and your family will be alright.

On the other hand, you will find a quieter, more peaceful place in rural villagesor off-the-beaten-path destinations. In those areas, locals are living in a slow, simple lifestyle. If you still worry about the chaos of traffic, choosing to travel with kids in those places is the best choice.

It’s easy to take care of your baby

To be honest, traveling with a baby or a toddler is more difficult than that with older kids. On the other hand, you will find Vietnam with kids pretty relaxing.

First of all, breastfeeding in public is acceptable in this country. Plus, you’d better use some thin blanket to cover up. That’s a polite and discreet way to feed your baby in front of many people’s eyes.

Secondly, you can easily find numerous places to buy baby stuff, even in rural villages. As the living standard is higher than before, locals are getting used to many modern convenient things. Therefore, most of what you want like diapers, wet wipes are available in convenience stores or local grocery stores. On the other hand, it’s well worth preparing some kid supplies, foods, and simple first aid kids before you go to a small town or remote areas. 

Travel with kids in Vietnam
Kid supplies are available in convenience stores in Vietnam.

Do a trip on a budget

Last but not least, there is nothing better than choosing to travel in Vietnam with kids when you are on a budget. The country has a great combo of culture, landscape, food, and lower cost. Compared to other Asian countries, the price of traveling in Vietnam is incredibly cheaper.

There are plenty of accommodations which fit all budgets in this country. You can choose from a hotel/ hostel/ homestay room, or an entire luxury apartment, that depends on how comfortable you want.  Indeed, with a low cost of living, your family even has more chances to engage with the authentic life in a local house. 

Moreover, Vietnamese food is quite inexpensive. You can have a full meal of around $1! Yes, it is, just $1 for various tasty food like a banh mi, a bowl of piping hot pho, or a bowl of steamed sticky rice with full topping on top. Traveling with family is never easy like that!

There are also numerous services provided at a low cost in Vietnam. Transportation? Go ahead and choose from public bus, taxi, train, messenger car, or airplane. Need some grocery stuff? You can buy it in the market, convenient store, or supermarket. We are sure that you never have to break the bank when choosing to travel with kids in Vietnam.


family tour in Vietnam will never let you down, especially when you travel with kids. Just in a small country, there are numerous exciting experiences awaiting, from landscape, culture, local lifestyle to typical cuisine. Your family definitely can get away from the bustle and hustle of modern life and enhance the mutual connection between family members.

It might be pretty hard for a foreigner to set a proper Vietnam private tour yourself. So, don’t forget that Xinchao team is always here to help you out! According to your itinerary, duration, and interests, we will build a perfect customized tour for your family. Contact us and you’re sure that every moment in Vietnam is full of amazing authentic experiences.

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