An independent trip with a flexible itinerary requires lots of concerns and preparation. It is about a detailed plan, pre-booked flights, accommodation, and appropriate vehicles at travel destinations. We hope that our ultimate guide will help you to book private vehicles in Vietnam with ease.

1. Select vehicles based on your needs

Like making a travel plan, the first step of booking travel vehicles is to identify your demand and travel purpose. By doing this, you can select the right means of transportation without being bombarded with massive information about different rental services. These are some criteria you should take into account once you start the booking process:

  • Travel destinations: If your travel spot is Sapa, you should choose off-road vehicles which are suitable for bumpy terrains. As Ha Long bay is in your itinerary, a river cruise or a boat is definitely one of the must-have vehicles for a sightseeing tour.
  • The number of your group members: It depends on how many members in your group that you make decisions on the right means of transportation. For instance, you can pick a sedan if you travel with your family of 3 to 5 members. In case you go with a group of over 10 members, a large vehicle like a 16 seater van might suit you.
Select vehicles based on your needs
Select vehicles based on your needs
  • Budget: Set a limited budget for car rental services in order to narrow the list of various available options. In that way, you can focus on looking for the right ones, control your expenses, and avoid upsells. 
  • Itinerary: You can book the right vehicles at the right time based on your planned itinerary. That can help you save your money through the act of optimizing the actual time using vehicles. 

2. Look for reliable car rental services

Several traditional methods of booking private vehicles when traveling are friends’ suggestions and posts on the internet. Via those methods, it is just a waste of time contacting providers one at a time or finding reliable information on numerous websites. 

Some modern booking applications such as Grab or Gojek are certainly convenient, yet they remain a drawback: no pre-booking support.

Now you can book private vehicles for your trip on many available platforms including Chungxe, Mioto, and Gobooyaa. These platforms both improve the traditional methods’ disadvantages and update new useful functions, assisting you in your booking by providing clear information about:

  • Providers: Many prestigious providers with their rental vehicles are updated for your reference.
  • Prices: Detailed prices for each vehicle and route.
  • Drives (car rental services with drivers): Apart from vehicles, you can request for suitable drivers.
  • Images: Reliable companies or applications always update real images and detailed information about their vehicles and drivers so that customers can ensure their choices.
  • Reviews: You can easily choose the right vehicles based on public reviews from previous customers.
  • Support: Professional and quick support plays a crucial role in customers’ decisions on travel vehicles.
  • Policies: Transparent payment, cancel policies, and booking process.
Look for reliable car rental services
Look for reliable car rental services

In comparison between old-fashioned and current booking methods for private travel vehicles, each one bears both merits and demerits. Nevertheless, booking via apps is highly recommended since they protect you from unexpected problems, such as absent drivers or wrong cars. Moreover, you can also pre-book to ensure a smooth trip.

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3. Question list for booking private vehicles

Whatever booking methods you choose, with or without drivers, you should prepare a question list to ensure that you will make it clear with providers. Here are some problems you should shed light on:

  • Costs: Ask carefully about the costs for drivers, fuel, road charges, and late return. Make clear about who will pay these fees and the details in the rental bill. 
  • Services: Be sure about drivers’ working time and request for cars delivered at your door if you need.
  • Insurance: This is an important topic you should ask providers and clarify what you are or are not covered for. However, you should buy rental car insurance yourself.
  • Policies: Make sure you know about the cancellation policy, including cancellation fees and the deadline of the cancellation request.
Prepare a question list before you meet providers
Prepare a question list before you meet providers

4. Make rental contracts 

You will need to reach an agreement with your provider about all contract terms before signing. In case you book private vehicles via apps, you should research their booking policies with care. Here are some notices for you, whether it is paper contracts or online ones:

  • Come to an agreement about the total cost to ensure there are no additional or hidden costs.
  • Check the information about vehicles, rental period, insurance, providers, drivers.
  • Comprehend the responsibilities of parties to the contract.
  • Carefully read the cancellation and payment policies (in case of prepayment).
  • Be aware of the contract’s period of validity.
  • Make sure there are two copies of the contract, each party holds one.
Make rental contracts consciously
Make rental contracts consciously

5. Check your rental vehicle before accepting

When you first get the rental car from providers, check it carefully before accepting. These are several things you might need to check:

  • Look over the vehicle and check for the right model as well as the right license.
  • Inspect for scratches or dents then inform providers about them so you will not be charged later.
  • If you rent vehicles with drivers, check your drivers for the right ones, their paperwork, and their health conditions.
  • Due to the pandemic, you can make requests about cars’ hygiene, such as hand sanitizers and antibacterial sprays, or about drivers, including face masks and face shields. 
Check your rental vehicle before accepting
Check your rental vehicle before accepting

6. Other notices when booking private vehicles

  • Book in advance: This is as important as booking flights or accommodation. You should book your travel vehicles in advance to make sure that your trip is on the right track.
  • Fill the tank up yourself instead of renting a full tank car in order to save some expenses.
  • Search for reviews and rates about the services you intend to use. By booking via apps, you can easily find feedback from previous customers on their apps or websites.
  • Return the rental vehicles within the determined period. In case of an extension route, you should inform the providers as soon as possible. Don’t be late for returning if you don’t want to be charged.
Other notices when booking private vehicles
Other notices when booking private vehicles

This post with the ultimate guide for booking private vehicles is expected to help you find the right means of transportation when you travel. Save it for later and prepare for your next independent trip!


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