Slow travel provides you with fascinating and exceptional independent travel experiences. You will bring home not only unique photos but also a meaningful and more authentic experience than traditional travel. This style of travel is not just for backpackers or the elderly as our common thoughts. Apart from flexible schedules, there are plenty of other easy ways – which you can find here – to make the most of your trip.

1. What is slow travel?

Have you ever heard about “slow travel”?

Slow travel is all about taking time to get to know cities or tourist destinations thoroughly. Instead of drive-by travel and easily falling into the tourist trap, you can choose differently by looking for unique spots and immersing yourself in the place during your stay.

Slow travel is usually independent travel in small groups or alone. Independent travelers opting for slow pace often plan a distinct schedule from the majority and pick places far away from crowded tourist areas.

Plan a different itinerary with slow travel
Plan a different itinerary with slow travel

2. What benefits can slow travel bring?

After many rushed trips, numerous travelers have gradually turned to slow travel as a more effective way to make the most of their journey. Locations that have been visited before, but through a new filter with a different spirit will bring you a completely different feeling. Every experience becomes richer, deeper, and more immersive. 

So, what great things do slow travel offer you?

  • Relax and comfortable

Relaxation and comfort are the feelings that most tourists obtain when choosing this way of travel. As you don’t have to get to all the famous sites that are packed with people, you have more time to enjoy your trip in your own way.

  • Authentic experience

Slow travel gives you a much more authentic and ultimate travel experience than guided tours. It might surprisingly enrich your experience because what you get will be memorable and unique memories when traveling like a local. Through conversations with residents, participating in routine activities with them, you might gain a thorough understanding of the culture and history of the land. Therefore, you might have a real connection with the place you are staying and your trip is getting more meaningful.

Slow travel brings you an authentic and close experience
Slow travel brings you an authentic and close experience
  • Support local economy

Staying in a place longer means you are supporting the local economy. Eat the specialties there, stay in locals’ homestay, use the services and buy locally made items, you are contributing a small part to the development of that place.

  • Gravity toward environmentally friendly activities

Slow travel includes both nature-oriented tourism and ecotourism. These are all sustainable and eco-friendly travel options that are always the top travel recommendations in the post-COVID-19 period. Because, slow travel is aimed at limiting the overexploitation of local resources and tourist attractions.

3. Who fits slow travel?

“Is this travel style right for me?”

Lots of other travelers wonder the same thing as you do. Here we might answer several questions to clarify this!

  • Only the elderly choose slow travel?

You may think that slow travel is just for retired seniors who have more time on their hands but not for active and young travelers or newbies. But slow travel is for everyone, at any age, with or without travel skills.

Slow travel is suitable for travelers of any age
Slow travel is suitable for travelers of any age
  • Is slow travel just for those who want a break?

Slow travel can involve a bunch of interesting activities. It can be picnics, day hikes, farm tours, floating market experiences on the river, and many other highly educational activities like learning about the local culture through typical dishes and historical sites. What is your travel purpose? If it’s not just to take a beautiful photo that everyone else can, slow travel is worth a try!

  • Is slow travel suitable for a luxury getaway?

Going back to the great benefits and lots of exciting activities of slow travel, you may find that the main meaning of travel is to spend more time discovering the beauty and culture of a destination. Therefore, it exists in every style and price range, from backpacking to luxury travel. It means that slow travel is suitable for everyone.

4. How to make the most of your slow travel experience?

Starting from the idea that slow travel is fascinating in many ways, you might gradually realize that this can be a whole new way to explore the world. Here are a few effective ways that you can immediately apply to your trip:

  • Leave gaps in your travel itinerary

One of the best ways to experience your slow travel is to leave gaps in your planning. Instead of filling all your schedule with popular attractions or famous restaurants, leave more room for spontaneity! We can’t always follow the schedule. For example, if it suddenly rains, you can have a cozy and close conversation with the homestay owner to understand more about the local lifestyle.

  • Ask for recommendations from the locals

The locals can give you the best advice. Ask them what they like to eat and where they like to go in the area. They will probably show you off-the-beaten-path places that only they know about. Or, if you’re luckier, they may help you plan an entire day full of pleasant surprises or even invite you home for a meal.

  • Stay longer in one place

Have you used up all the time of your trip to get to as many places as possible, rushing from place to place? You’ll probably have countless pretty pictures, but that’s not everything that counts. Other travelers can take a photo just like you, but only some have authentic experiences and capture the most exceptional photos.

Slow travel can fulfill your independent trip
Slow travel can fulfill your independent trip
  • Avoid tourist attractions

This may sound strange to you, but it is so true for slow travel. Crowds will only stress you out with long queues and finally, make you bored. Even during this epidemic period, going to crowded places makes you vulnerable to infection.

You might not feel fulfilled if you don’t go to the must-see spots. But just try once to an area far from urban areas and spend a longer time there. Hiking mountains, taking a stroll through the paddy fields, slowing temp,o and enjoying the views are much more rewarding in the end.

  • Buy locally-made souvenirs

As a way to support the traditional craft village and boost the local economy, buy some small souvenirs made by the locals. These items both bring the culture of the land you visit an unforgettable memory that you can tell your friends later.

  • Choose the right means of transportation

Opting for a suitable vehicle at the destination will make your trip much more convenient. Currently, there are lots of reliable car rental agencies for your reference like Gobooyaa. With various options for rental cars in Gobooyaa, you’ll find just the right vehicle for your trip. The 24/7 support team will help you find the most suitable car and guide you along the way. Especially during this epidemic period, the driver is guaranteed to be fully vaccinated and fully equipped with face masks when picking you up. The vehicle will also be carefully cleaned before being delivered to you.

5. When is the best time for slow travel?

Countries and cities have begun to open their borders for welcoming tourists. Geographical distances are blurred thanks to the wake of travel agencies and airlines. Although the pandemic is still our serious concern, it doesn’t mean that interesting journeys have to be postponed, right? The invisible boundary that was previously caused by the epidemic is gradually fading, we should step out to integrate into this “new normal” right away!

Experience slow travel with Gobooyaa
Experience slow travel with Gobooyaa

Slow travel gives you immersive and unique experiences. Slow down, look and feel things more closely so you’ll get a real connection with the residents and local culture in your destination – something you might miss if traveling the traditional way. Plan this inspirational trip now!


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