Car rental apps have been strongly developing in Vietnam. More and more tourists like to pre-book private vehicles for their flexible itineraries during the trip. Let’s see this review of 7 best moblie car rental apps below to have a more detailed look at each one’s pros and cons.

1. Gobooyaa – A new generation car rental app with distinct features

Gobooyaa, an online vehicle booking platform, has just been introduced recently in Vietnam, connecting travelers with reliable suppliers. This modern platform helps its customers find suitable vehicles for their trip in a faster and safer way. 


  • Special feature “Post” only available on Gobooyaa allows you to make a personal request for private cars, drivers, costs, and the itineraries of the trip as well. Providers, then, will contact you to introduce the vehicles that suit you most. Also, you are able to request health safety during the pandemic.
  • In Vietnam, Gobooyaa offers a wide variety of vehicles (with or without drivers) including motorbikes, 4-9 seater cars, 16 seater vans, and boats while other apps only provide motorbikes or 4-7 seater cars.
  • All services from providers are verified.
  • Experienced, friendly, and English well-spoken drivers. They are usually the locals or thoroughly understand the travel area.
  • Available at most travel destinations and big cities in Vietnam.
  • Transparent billings, no additional or hidden costs.
  • Online payment is accepted with Momo, Onepay, and Paypal – which suits both domestic and foreign travelers.
  • Transparent cancelation policy and quick support during the trip.
  • Flexible schedules within the city and intercity routes.
  • Customers’ reviews and rates are public.
  • Sufficient and clear information about vehicles, providers, drivers, and price lists.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 24/7 high qualified service.
  • Gobooyaa is available for both Android and iOS devices.


  • Not widely known due to the later introduction.
Gobooyaa - A new generation app with distinct features
Gobooyaa – A new generation app with distinct features


A car rental app provides rental service with and without drivers, helping travelers find vehicle providers quickly and easily. Like Gobooyaa, pre-booking is allowed in MIOTO with a clear price list.


  • Quick support within 5-10 minutes.
  • Sufficient information about vehicles: the car type and condition, prices, and rental process.
  • Car-delivered-to-your-door service is supported.
  • Collision damage protection is included in the rental contract.
  • Free cancellation within 7 days before the trip.


  • Only 4-7 seater cars are available, no other types of travel vehicles. It is inconvenient in some travel spots requiring special vehicles such as motorbikes, boats, or vans.
  • The cost is considerably higher than the market price.

3. Chungxe

Chungxe is another app for car rental without drivers in Vietnam, creating a platform for renting and sharing travel vehicles. Chungxe helps customers wanting to hire a self-drive vehicle to connect the dealers throughout the country so it is considered a reliable platform.


  • Prices are public and 10% lower than other traditional booking methods.
  • Car rental insurance is included in the rental contracts.
  • Long-term car rentals for days or even months are available.
  • Easy rental process.
  • 24/7 support service.


  • Only motorbikes and cars are in service.
  • No real photos of vehicles.

4. Booking

This is a renowned online booking app for flights, accommodation, and car rental in the world. Although the flight booking function is pretty popular, the car rental service seems not to be so widely used in Vietnam.


  • Filters for effective searching: travel destinations, rates, types of vehicles, and prices.
  • Various payment methods are accessible.
  • Free cancellation.


  • Poor service of personal support and delayed response to customers’ requests and problems.
  • Inconsistency in prices between suppliers and the app.

5. Traveloka

Most Vietnamese travelers are familiar with this app. Apart from flights and hotel rooms, now you can book your private rental car with or without drivers in advance via Traveloka.


  • Clear price for each type of vehicle.
  • The “CleanTrip” feature helps you find a clean and safe vehicle during the pandemic.
  • Various payment methods are supported.


  • Only 4-7 seater cars are available.
  • Refunds are not transparent and quite delayed in the event of cancellation.


DICAR is known as a car rental app which creates effective and safe communication among people who want to rent cars and suppliers. In comparison to other rental apps, DICAR provides a wide array of services including car sales, driver hire, garage finding, and rental car insurance. This is considered an advantage of this app.


  • Many insurance companies associate this app with more appropriate options for customers.


  • Only 4-7 seater cars are available.
  • DICAR is unpopular in Vietnam so it is hard to say whether it is reliable or not.

7. TripX

TripX specializes in providing self-drive rental car service based on customers’ real-time locations to find the most proper car. This is TripX’s strong point and limitation as well.


  • 30% cheaper than other traditional booking methods.
  • Simple rental process.
  • Sufficient information about car types and conditions.


  • Only 4-7 seater cars are provided.
  • Pre-booking is not supported.
  • Delayed response or cancellation from providers lead to customers’ bad experiences.

Each car rental app bears distinct advantages and disadvantages. Yet, they all help travelers quickly find the right vehicles for their independent trips. This review is expected to bring you sufficient information on available booking vehicle apps in Vietnam and to help you choose the best app for your next trip.


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