The Conical Leaf Hat Village – Tay Ho


Type: Artisan Villages

Duration: 5 hours

Pick-up/ Drop-off: Phu Hoi Ward, Hue (Hue downtown)

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By the hundreds years, conical hats are not only the familiar accessories and close to the daily life of Hue people, but it also has become a special cultural “poem conical hats” that associated with the image of Hue women. The conical hat making has become the traditional trade in Hue with many craft villages like Da Le, Phu Cam, Doc So, Kim Long,…. Among them, Tay Ho village – located on the bank of the Nhu Y river, about 12 km from Hue centre is the most famous one because this is the cradle of Hue conical hat. Coming to Tay Ho village, we will have the chance to:

– Meet and chat with some skillful artisans in the village to understand about the meaning of Conical Hat – the symbol of Hue culture.

– Watching the procedure of making a Conical hat combined of 15 meticulous steps performed by traditional Hue women.

– Visiting Doc So village which is famous for lotus leaf conical hat making and chat with Mr. Nguyen Thanh Thao who is well-known to be the inventor of this wonderful kind of conical hat.

– Experience making a conical hat by yourself.

For more than 12 people or special request on itinerary, transport and guide, please Contact Us!!!

Include - 1 Local ambassador
- Transportation
Language English
Travel Tips - You should bring hat and camera for taking photos.
- Wear sandals or sneakers for easy walking.


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