Meaning of Xin Chao

We chose “Xin Chao” as the name of our company because it is a warm Vietnamese greeting that can be used by anyone, at anytime. This common phrase means welcome, hello, and greetings! Pronounced like “sin chow,” one cannot say the greeting without a smile. Say it to people in Vietnam, and you will likely get a smile in return.
Ultimately, we hope that your experience with our company and team will garner smiles, great memories and friendship. Watch our video to learn how to say “Xin Chao” and some super helpful words for Travelers. 

Our Story

My name is Loc or you can call me Bao Loc. I was born and raised in Saigon where I started as a Local Ambassador and found Xin Chao Private Vietnam Tours in 2008. It was my fortunate to find my call – IKIGAI called by Japanese after I started to help expats solve their problems in my city and traveled with Heifer Organization for charity mission.  Internet and English have changed my life better.

With Xin Chao Tours, I have seen that most of independent travelers have encountered problems with language, transport and locations at the local places while doing private and customized tours are quite over their budget  and take a long day sometimes !!! So I hope my team and I can build this website to help FIT world travelers explore the real Vietnam at the affordable price and optional transport. We don’t sell tours for 8-9 hours, but crafted local experiences in 2-8 hours. We believe this is a realistic way of traveling to save time and money: Enjoy local experiences rather than just touristy attractions.

While doing this mission, we also hope to create more opportunities for young locals from remote areas to improve English and make extra income as Local Ambassadors. it was also the way  how I changed my life by using English and helping my customers understand our culture with great hospitality. We believe the more Local Ambassadors we find, the better the travel become!

Our Mission

To help As Many Travelers As possible explore wonderful authentic experiences in Vietnam

Outdoor Activities

Food & Drinks

Artisans & Villages

To have a blast while we are achieving our goals

Local Experiences Makes Great Stories

Local Experiences mean No Touristy Attractions or Traps. At Xin Chao Locals, we believe you don’t need a tour guide at the touristy attractions unless you want to book a tour for 8-10 hours per day combining different things. Just like you As independent travelers, sometimes we just need to explore local places at our own interests in our favorite time. So We build this for that reason, connecting Travelers with our Local Ambassadors to explore and understand the local culture.

We offer different types of experiences in many places from big cities to small towns in Vietnam that help you not only explore truly local places and do it at your time and budget, But create great memories with friendly people in Vietnam.

And we really hope you leave Vietnam with many great stories and a desire of visiting our country again!!!

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