Domestic tourism, along with local tourism or “staycation”, is expected to be one of the new travel trends of 2022. When the complicated situation of the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming a barrier to tourism activities, the form of relaxation and discovery right in the locality or in neighboring cities is the best solution for all independent travelers.

1. Adaptation in the new situation of the world

In the context of the epidemic and the appearance of many new strains, the most recent being Omicron, most of the countries that have developed tourism have not yet reopened their borders to tourists, including Vietnam, to avoid the spread of CORONAVIRUS from one country to another. Therefore, domestic tourism is considered as a solution to stimulate economic development and restart the tourism industry after a long time of freezing as well.

Adaptation in the new situation of the world
Adaptation in the new situation of the world 

Travel enthusiasts still hesitate about long trips or traveling on crowded vehicles for hours due to the epidemic. Tourists now prefer to opt for places closer to their homes to facilitate travel and find the medical center when needed. Therefore, the trend of local tourism has become more popular.

2. The strong recovery of domestic flight network

The plan of exploring faraway lands in other countries and continents is still difficult to reach as the international routes are only expected to partially open. Moreover, each country or tourist city has its own extremely strict policies for visitors from abroad. Those are barriers to international travel but levers for the boom to domestic and local tourism.

Vietnam’s domestic flight network is strongly recovered
Vietnam’s domestic flight network is strongly recovered

In contrast, almost all flights connecting domestic destinations have been approved. For example, the Vietnamese government has allowed the reopening of not only main routes but also flights to other tourist cities and provinces, such as Quang Binh, Quy Nhon, or Phu Quoc. This strong boom is a move that helps boost tourism and commerce in the country.

3. Cabin fever syndrome and everyone’s desire to move back

Cabin fever syndrome is a feeling of sadness, restlessness, anxiety, and depression when being isolated from the outside world. After a long time of social distancing and having to lock yourself in the house, do you feel somehow like that? If so, then you already have signs of cabin fever symptoms. What you need right now is probably some sunshine and fresh air.

Tourists are eager to travel again
Tourists are eager to travel again

As everyone is eager to escape from the boredom of being in one place for too long, travel and vacation must be the first thought that comes to mind. However, due to the fear of epidemics and restrictions on long-distance travel, domestic trips and local vacations become top priorities. Easier for transportation and fewer medical declarations and regulations, travelers are attracted to domestic travel for their post-COVID-19 trips.

4. Safe travel – a priority option 

The outbreak of the disease has really raised everyone’s awareness of their own health. From food, drink, physical activity to tourist destinations, travelers will consider the safest options. It is undeniable that a huge number of tourists are excited to start their journey right away and pay little attention to the epidemic situation (Wonder Must). But there are also a large number of travelers who are very concerned about their health and want their trip to be a comfortable and safe vacation (Slow Pacer).

Which group do you belong to: Wonder Must – ready for the trip, or Slow Pacer – carefully looking for safety criteria for the whole journey?

Safe travel - a priority option for travel
Safe travel – a priority option for travel

Vietnam is considered a country that is quite successful in controlling the spread of the disease. Tourist cities have mostly kept the number of infections low and are all applying strict disease prevention measures to visitors from other places. Safety is a top priority at all destinations so there’s no reason not to plan a vacation close to home right now.

5. Catching up with new travel trends after the pandemic

Along with nature-oriented tourism and ecotourism, one of the key trends after the COVID-19 pandemic is local tourism. Lots of newspapers and statistics sites have published this trend based on research and surveys of many travelers.

Catching up with the new travel trends after the pandemic
Catching up with the new travel trends after the pandemic

World trends strongly influence the tourism market in Vietnam. The domestic tourism industry is also a key market and always brings a lot of potential for economic and cultural development. Vietnam has the ability to adapt very well to this trend. Because it is a general trend of the whole world, the domestic tourism industry will have more and more tourism stimulus strategies that are extremely beneficial to tourists.

6. Many sales from promotion programs

To attract tourists and stimulate domestic tourism, airlines, travel agencies, and other travel service companies all apply many strategies such as cheap tickets, package tours, or family-saving tours. Accommodation services such as hotels, homestays, or resorts are also applying economical and beneficial prices to visitors. Vehicle suppliers and private car rental companies will not stand beside this chain of activities.

Tourists get benefits from promotion programs
Tourists get benefits from promotion programs

These incentive programs are aimed at supporting domestic tourists in the near future. In addition, previous crowded tourism activities were redesigned by localities and travel agencies with a smaller number of visitors to ensure safety during the epidemic season. Henceforth, tours’ quality will also be improved. This is the right time to travel to several places in your country than going abroad.

7. Potential for development of the tourism industry

Vietnam is favored by nature with many unique landscapes. Each city has its own beauty that can be exploited as a sightseeing destination. After recovering and opening up the economy, along with the trend of green tourism around the world, nature-oriented tourism will be a potential piece to attract tourists not only within the country but also abroad.

Vietnam has the potential to develop the tourism industry
Vietnam has the potential to develop the tourism industry

In addition to the natural scenery, long-standing culture and regional characteristics are also factors that help develop local tourism. For example, Hoi An is famous for its ancient town and special local food: Cao Lau or Hanoi is known for its 36 streets and Pho has become a culinary symbol of Vietnam.

8. Smart platforms to support independent travel

Independent travel in Vietnam has thrived in recent years thanks to the advance in technology. Just staying at home with a smartphone, you can find out all the information about the places you want to go. The introduction of pre-booking applications also contributed a lot to this explosive growth. We are used to hotel/homestay booking apps like Agoda, or flight booking apps like Traveloka. There are now many apps/platforms that allow you to book a private car in advance at your destination, such as Gobooyaa.

Gobooyaa - a reliable car rental platform in Vietnam
Gobooyaa – a reliable car rental platform in Vietnam

You will be satisfied with Gobooyaa’s vehicle quality as well as its 24/7 support service. Not only is known for a reliable platform, but this private car rental platform also offers a wide choice of vehicles to suit each of your trips to most destinations in Vietnam. Accompanying Gobooyaa during this epidemic season, you can completely feel secure because Gobooyaa always ensures all safety criteria as well as prevention of COVID-19 infection to protect your health.

Domestic tourism is on the rebound and will explode in the foreseeable future. With all the convincing reasons above, what are you waiting for without planning your next trip right away! We are pretty sure that the trip is still full of joy and excitement, just like other abroad trips you took before.

If you are still confused about how to find a reliable vehicle renting service, please contact Gobooyaa immediately so that the team can fulfill your trip!


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