Along with the trend of independent travel after the COVID-19 pandemic, booking for private vehicles has become a vital part of planning your flexible itineraries. If you are in two minds about choosing a reliable car rental company, let’s take a look at our comparison of car rentals in Vietnam then pick the best one.

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1. Recommendations from friends

This is among the traditional ways of booking travel cars in Vietnam. You might get some suggestions from friends or family members for car rental services that they booked before.


  • Lots of travelers use this method because of its “friendliness”. You can effortlessly rent a car without knowing about technology or how to find information.
  • These recommended car rental suppliers are generally individual or operate small-scale services.
  • Booking in advance is acceptable.
Find car rentals through friend’s recommendations
Find car rentals through friend’s recommendations


  • Only a few choices of vehicles do not give enough information about market prices. Therefore, it’s hard to make a comparison.
  • You might waste your time on contacting every provider then rent no car after all due to the vehicle shortages in the height of tourist season.
  • In case of unexpected problems, you are possibly not protected and have no idea how to leave reviews for the next customers.

2. Searching on Google 

Apart from friends’ suggestions, you can find information on Google by typing keywords, for example: “car rentals in Ninh Binh Vietnam”.


  • There is a wide range of providers with a variety of vehicles that are popular at most travel destinations. You will reach a bunch of choices with just a keyword.
  • You can contact providers within a second to rent a car for your trip.
Searching on Google to find the best suppliers
Searching on Google to find the best suppliers


  • By searching on Google, you are bombarded with massive information from many different providers or car rental companies, which might take up your time to find the best services.
  • If you are in a rush and tend to book any rental company, you might probably pay for expensive extras or be charged with hidden costs.
  • It is easy to fall into tourists traps. You might receive a different car from what you booked and be taken to off-the-list destinations 

3. Traditional taxi

Traditional taxis are popular in most tourist cities and provinces. Vinasun and Mai Linh are considered the most prestigious taxi companies in Vietnam.


  • Available at most travel spots and cities in Vietnam. At the time you walk down the street, you will quickly get many offers from taxi/motorbike drivers.
  • Traditional taxis are quite safe for traveling as you can be supported for booking cars and leaving feedback by calling the hotline in case of accidents.
  • You can easily grab a taxi at the airport.
Mai Linh Taxi - A traditional taxi company in Vietnam
Mai Linh Taxi – A traditional taxi company in Vietnam


  • Only 4-7 seater cars/SUVs are available.
  • Booking in advance is not supported.
  • You might struggle to distinguish between traditional taxis and fake ones. In case of grabbing a fake taxi, you can be overcharged due to the longer routes intentionally caused by drivers or cheated taximeters.

4. Taxi booking apps

Booking cars via apps is familiar to people in metropolitan cities. These apps are not only used in daily traveling but also very helpful for your trips. Some well-known booking apps in Vietnam are Grab, Gojek, and Be.


  • Your trips are ensured to be safe with these online apps owing to the clear information of drivers, license plate numbers, and route tracking.
  • In case of unexpected problems, you can always be protected by providers and give reviews after the route.
  • Fixed and transparent fares right in the app so you know exactly how much you will pay for the journey.
  • It is mostly suitable for traveling within a short route. 
Find travel vehicles by using taxi booking apps
Find travel vehicles by using taxi booking apps


  • Only motorbikes and cars/SUVs are offered in a limited number of cities.
  • Booking in advance is not supported unless you are at that location. For instance, it’s impossible to book a car in Hanoi while you are in Saigon.
  • The same price for each type of vehicle makes it hard to compare to market prices.
  • Long routes are available but the cost is pretty expensive.

5. Modern vehicle booking platforms

Several car booking platforms, which have just appeared in the Vietnam tourism market, have achieved great success, such as Gobooyaa, Chungxe, and Mioto. These platforms are well-known for various outstanding features, smoothing the way of booking travel cars.


  • These platforms are accessible in most famous travel spots as well as large cities.
  • There is a wide array of different types of vehicles for a travel tour. Gobooyaa is the first car rental company offering almost all types of travel vehicles, including motorbikes, 4-9 seater cars/SUVs, 16 seater vans, and boats. 
  • Pre-booking is accepted on these platforms for a smooth trip and avoiding tourist traps.
  • Sufficient information on rental costs, vehicles, and providers is clearly shown in the aim of assisting the car booking process. Also, transparent billings and payment ensure no extra fee is added.
  • Quick support from companies’ staff makes sure you have a safe journey. Plus, reviews from previous travelers are public on companies’ websites/apps for your reference.
  • The “Post A Request”, which is only available on Gobooyaa, allows you to make a personal request for vehicles, drivers, and detailed itineraries. In this way, providers will contact you and help you find the most suitable cars.
  • The user-friendly interface is another advantage.
Rent a travel car through modern booking platforms
Rent a travel car through modern booking platforms


  • Chungxe and Mioto only focus on providing different types of cars/SUVs with no other means of transport.
  • These platforms are quite new so they might not be widely known.

With all the mentioned booking methods for car rental in Vietnam, now you can be absolutely sure of the fastest and safest ways to find the right car for flexible itineraries in your independent trips. 

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of each car booking method in Vietnam. Pick a reliable and professional car rental supplier for a unique and memorable journey!

Friends’ recommendationsSearching on GoogleTraditional taxiTaxi booking apps (Grab, Gojek, Be)Modern booking platforms (Mioto, Chungxe,)Gobooyaa
Price comparisonNoUnsureNoNoYesYes
Book in advanceYesYesNoNoYesYes
Easy to useHighLowHighHighHighHigh
SupportNoNoOnly with traditional taxiYesYesYes


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