Experiencing a hassle-free vacation with your beloved family members and friends is a great way to level up the bonding in your relationships. Selecting the right vehicle plays a crucial part in a smooth journey. So, let’s see whether airport car rental is the best decision for a free and independent trip.

1. Benefits of airport car rental

  • Convenience

Airport car rental is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to rent a car when traveling to any destination by air. As soon as you exit the Arrival terminal, lots of drivers and vehicle providers will approach and offer you their services including car rental with or without drivers and airport-pickup transport.

  • A wide range of choices

Is this your vacation with your family or friends?

Opting for airport car rental is quite suitable because you might find a wide array of vehicles there, such as motorbikes, taxis, cars that most of them are 4-7 seater cars like Innova or Ford transit.

What is more, car rental companies also provide several types of vehicles that are suitable for groups with more than 10 members, such as 16-32 seater minibuses. These vehicles are pretty popular and fitting for traveling in groups of family or more people. 

Airport car rental is fast and convenient for tourists traveling by air
Airport car rental is fast and convenient for tourists traveling by air
  • Rapidity

Many tourists prefer spending time searching for a reliable car rental company to pre-book a vehicle. This is reasonably appropriate, helping you catch up with your flexible itinerary. Nevertheless, it’s just a vacation time that you and your family as well as your friends can escape from the hustle and bustle of the hectic life. All you need to do is to completely leave all the time-consuming finding and searching behind then go straight to the rental counter to rent a car.

  • Professional service

Airport car rental services are pretty professional. They have the travelers’ regular itineraries at that destination at their fingertips. That’s why they can offer the most proper vehicles and related services as well. Airport car rental contracts generally include travel insurance and/or rental car coverage so you don’t have to worry about buying those things.

2. Drawbacks of airport car rental

Despite many conveniences, renting cars at the airport still has several downsides that most of us are aware of.

  • Expensive prices

Firstly, it is worth mentioning the prices of renting cars at the airport. It cannot be denied that on-airport car rental fares are really costly and much higher than off-airport rental services. High expenses are understandable because they have to pay more costs and fees for placing their counters in the airport.

Some other fares you probably pay include the airport entrance fee and several additional fees during the route. Those costs might not be significant but really annoying because you are continuously charged apart from the rental fare.  

  • Long queue in peak time

Next, at the height of the tourist season, you might have to wait in line for your turn, particularly at big airports such as Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, or Da Nang. Waiting seems more acceptable when you travel alone or with friends than with the elderly or children, especially in case you carry a lot of baggage. Good vehicles might be picked by other people before your turn so you have no choice for expected cars.

On-airport car rental still has many downsides
On-airport car rental still has many downsides
  • Limited service time

Another point you need to notice is the service time of airport car rental counters. If your flight arrives late at night, rental counters might be closed. It’s troublesome when you are with your family and lots of carried luggage but there is no available car to get to the hotel.

  • Driver-related trouble

You should also think about other problems, such as that drivers don’t hold up signs picking you at the airport or you have to walk to other pick-up areas because drivers can’t approach you.

  • Tourist trap

Finally, travelers easily fall for tourist traps. It’s a simple and fast renting process where lots of terms in the rental contract are not clarified. Some rental companies might take advantage of this to add costly and unnecessary services. If you quickly agree with the provider without carefully looking at the policies, you may pay more than what you need.

3. How to rent a car at the airport?

So, how to rent a car at the airport?

Don’t worry. You just need to follow some simple steps to rent a car at the airport. However, you should take a look at these notices below to rent vehicles safely and efficiently.

  • Choose a car rental companies

At the arrival area of every airport, you can find various car rental companies. All you need to do is to select counters with signs of promotion because most companies there are pretty reliable.

  • Prepare personal paper

If you have to line up in a long queue, during the waiting time, you can hand in all needed paper, think about the expected car, and write down all the information for renting.

  • Pick the right car

Tourists on vacations with flights often carry lots of carried-on and checked baggage. Therefore, you should choose a spacious car with more seats than total group members so that there are comfortable spaces for everyone and their luggage.

Prepare personal paper and carefully check rental policies before an agreement
Prepare personal paper and carefully check rental policies before an agreement
  • Carefully read the policy

Note that all the main terms in your rental contract need to be carefully checked, such as the pick-up and return time, responsibilities of each party, and other policies about renting time extension. When you are clear about that information, you can make sure that you will not take all responsibility in case unexpected events happen.

  • Check for insurance

Remember to check whether the car rental insurance and other coverage are included in the rental contract or not. If your insurance already covered them, you can save some money by narrowing the coverage in your rental contract.

  • Check the rental car

Before accepting, you might need to check inside and outside the car to ensure its actual condition matches the descriptions in the contract. Additionally, during the pandemic, you should ask the driver to wear masks and clean some surfaces of the car such as door handles with antibacterial products to keep you and your loved ones safe.

4. Should you rent a car at the airport?

As mentioned above, airport car rental bears both merits and demerits. Then, it depends on your travel purpose and your companions that you can make the right decision.

When there are elderly in your travel groups or you carry a lot of luggage, it’s really inconvenient to walk around the terminal. Some services or airport car rental (Grab or transit cars) cannot approach the terminal to pick you up, therefore, it can be a long walk to get to their parking areas.

Or, in case you just wish for a vacation without spending too much time on preparing before the flight and you are willing to pay for a higher cost, you can think about airport car rental.

Is airport car rental the best choice?
Is airport car rental the best choice?

5. What choice is better than airport car rental?

Booking a car from off-airport car rental companies/services is a better choice for you! Well-known services/platforms might worry you by their high prices so why don’t you try a brand new platform with qualified services and competitive prices – Gobooyaa.

Gobooyaa fills all the gaps in booking a car at the airport. Let’s imagine that as soon as you walked out the terminal with your bulky luggage, drivers would be there holding up signs with your name. You can get into the car right away and head straight to the hotel. Moreover, it is possible for you to book this service for your entire trip.

You can find it safe and satisfied when using the services of Gogooyaa because:

  • You are provided sufficient information about drivers and the vehicle’s condition.
  • Your car will be delivered to you clearly and clean to ensure hygiene during the pandemic.
  • Reasonable price
  • You no longer waste your time on searching but only through the act of making a request (via “Post”) on Gobooyaa, providers will contact you and introduce the most suitable car for your trip.

Every car rental company, even on-airport or off-airport, desires to offer their customers the best possible services. Speedy process, professional services, and convenience are key factors that will satisfy every traveler.

Besides the good, you always have a chance to choose the better with superior benefits. Experiencing a safe journey with reasonable prices and transparent policies will not let you down. Feel free to contact us now and let Gobooyaa help you out to find the best car in your travel destination!


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