Using private vehicle rental for independent trips has become more and more popular for its numerous benefits. It depends on your travel purpose to pick the right car, yet, there are many compelling reasons why choosing to rent a private car might be the best decision for you.

1. Help manage your flexible itineraries

The travel trend after the COVID-19 pandemic gravitates to natural experiences and rural areas where modern transportation systems are not supported. Hence, it’s difficult for tourists to only depend on public transports or taxis. Choosing to rent a private vehicle might help you control your travel plan in this case.

Additionally, private vehicle rental is suitable for traveling in groups or with lots of carried luggage because finding 16-32 seater cars at travel spots is such a challenge. No need to wait for a taxi or bus when you want to move from one place to another! Waiting is just a waste of time if there are lots of tourist attractions in your plans.

Moreover, private cars are the right choice owing to their assistance for your flexible itineraries. You are comfortable with your schedule and can easily adjust the pick-up time as you want.

Help manage your flexible itinerary
Help manage your flexible itinerary

2. Save your money

Choosing to travel by taxi for your trip is really costly. It might cost you the same amount of money for a nice rental car (with or without drivers) along with insurance and support from suppliers.

If you travel with family or a group of friends, a van might save a great deal of money instead of booking several 4-seater cars. Plus, you might save on your maintenance and repair costs if you choose to rent a car as an alternative for driving your own car.

Private vehicles can save a lot of money
Private vehicles can save a lot of money

3. For your comfort

With your private rental car, you are able to slow down to relax or pull over for a beautiful landscape, which traveling by taxis or public transports can’t offer.

In case you rent a car with a driver, you and your companions are free to search for information about tourist attractions by asking the driver for famous places to eat or simply to take a break.

Driving is exhausting anyway. If you have a private driver with your rental car, everyone in your group can completely enjoy the trip without being weary of sitting behind the steering wheel all day long.

For your comfortable trip
For your comfortable trip

4. Safety

Once choosing private vehicle rental during the pandemic, you can definitely request drivers to clean the vehicle before coming to the pick-up point. Also, you can make a request for face masks, face shields, and sanitizer products included with drivers.

When you rent a car with drivers, they are usually experienced people and know the travel destinations well. Therefore, your trip is ensured to be safe, for example: stay away from crowded places and get rid of tourist traps.

Furthermore, that drivers come with you throughout the trip is a plus point. It is totally separated and you don’t have to share the space with any strangers. This will help you limit contact with too many people.

Rent a private car to ensure your safety
Rent a private car to ensure your safety

5. Fresh experiences

A trip is the best occasion for you to try another car that you like. If you are not on economical travel, it just costs you a little more for experiencing a nice car.

Unlike sedans, vans and SUVs have a spacious capacity for luggage. You and your loved ones can enjoy a camping trip together, with full of essentials and camping equipment and no worry about the lack of luggage compartments.

Fresh experiences with a nice car
Fresh experiences with a nice car

6. Hassle-free trips

Private vehicles bring you hassle-free trips. Therefore, you never have to worry about the transportation shortage, expensive costs, or parking at travel destinations.

  • Pre-booking for your trip helps you avoid the shortage of travel vehicles during the height of tourist season. 
  • When you rent a private vehicle, maintenance and repair costs are no longer your financial concerns because providers and insurance companies will be in charge of them.
  • Plus, you don’t need to drive around to find parking lots every time you get to any tourist attractions.
Enjoy a hassle-free trip
Enjoy a hassle-free trip

If you have been on an independent trip before and experienced car rental before, you must know the convenience this service can offer. If you haven’t, let’s try to make your own plan and book a private vehicle to fully enjoy your trip. Take a look at Gobooyaa – an online vehicle booking app – to rent a car for your upcoming journey!


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