Having a great experience for family when traveling with kids isn’t difficult at all. Especially, you will find your trip full of unforgettable memories in Vietnam. It will be a perfect chance for your kids to explore and learn new things while traveling. 

Here are TOP 15 must-do kid-friendly activities we compiled for you. The list consists of many fascinating things that give you the real local experiences in Vietnam. Check it out and see which one is your family favourite activity. 

1.  Go trekking in mountainous areas

Mountainous areas in Vietnam are brimming with spectacular landscapes, colorful ethnic costumes, and alive traditional cultures. It’s perfect as one of the non-touristy places for family trip in Vietnam.

Your family will be on a journey to explore an undiscovered treasure hiding in a deep forest. Along the trip, you and your kids might find out many interesting strange things which can’t be found in your country. Faraway, there are rice fields in the hills with some dots of local houses. People in vibrant traditional clothes are working on the field or gathering in the country market. That nomadic view appears in the eyes like a dreamy place in fairy tale stories.

Let’s your children go trekking as you give them a chance to be with nature. In that area, the air is so fresh and the view is untouched by industrial effects. Kids will be happy when they can explore around like find out new bugs or pick edible wild fruit. It’s also great to work out a little bit while touring.

family trip in Vietnam
Get away from big cities and enjoy natural landscapes.

2.  Explore an ethnic market in the highland

It’s a pity if you don’t go to a Vietnameseethnic market when in highland. The market is such a beautiful characteristic of ethnic minorities and just open on certain days of the month. So, check out carefully to not miss out on the chance!

All your family members, especially kids, will be impressed at the traditional trading and lifestyle. There are many simple stalls full of local fresh products, steel tools, clothing, and handmade crafts. Your kids are surely entertained when they are able to explore and own some authentic souvenirs from ethnic sellers.

In a fair, there is a mix of various ethnic groups that have typical clothes. They save the best clothes and only wear them to the market. To young locals, it’s a great time for making friends and finding a proper partner. The vibrant colors in traditional costumes seem to brighten the entire area and make it more lively.

3.  Explore Vietnamese traditional craftworks

We can say that there are numerous traditional craft villages in Vietnam. Each village has been preserving its special old-age work passed through generation to generation for thousands of years. Local villagers are trying hard to enhance their techniques and do their job whole-heartedly.

Exploring a Vietnamese craft village with kids is a good opportunity to get a genuine image of culture. The trip will give you guys some ideas on a fascinating insight into the history, the economy, and the hidden talent of locals. 

Moreover, all your family members can join in and do your own sample. It might be the first time to do so but you and your kids will complete when working together. Parents should watch the child carefully and give support as needed. Through working, you are able to enhance your family connection and have a lot of fun with kids.

4.  Watch a water puppet show in Vietnam with kids

You can’t miss a traditional puppet show in Vietnam with kids, for sure. Locals keep the craft for a thousand years and it’s a genuine fun cultural event. We are sure that your kids will love the show.

Even though all the story is in Vietnamese, your family can get the drift through lively animation created by puppets. Most stories are about fairies acting, dragon, and legend warriors. 

The stage is so special that it’s full of water. Those puppeteers, who operate colorful wooden puppets, stand behind the scene. Along with the voice of a narrator and characters is the sound of traditional instruments like flute and drum. The magical combination of view and sound creates a wonderful atmosphere. The Vietnamese water puppet show attracts either kids and adults in the pact that it’s genuinely entertaining. 

Vietnamese water puppet show
Vietnamese water puppets show attracts both kids and adults

5.  Do a Vietnamese food tour

Your family is gonna be surprised at the amazing Vietnamese cuisine. In the fact that the tropical country has numerous natural ingredients, there are thousands of dishes for you to try. 

And, do you know that the flavor is varied from North to South Vietnam? That means you surely never get bored when choosing to do a food tour.

Exploring Vietnamese food is a great idea for kids to taste and know new flavors. Plus, it’s so cheap for all your family members to have a full tummy. A street food tour is highly recommended. Let’s pick up some vendors or food stalls where a lot of locals visit continuously. That is a good sign for you to know they are selling great local foods.

One thing you should remember to have a great time with kids is spicy food. In northern Vietnam, the food is pretty mild so you can feel free to let your child enjoy it. On the other hand, people in the central and the south tend to have a lot of chili pepper in almost every dish. Therefore, be careful to try out first to see it save for your kids or not.

Vietnamese food
Let’s make your family trip wonderful with a food tour in Vietnam

6.  Take part in a Vietnamese cooking class

In Vietnam, you can not only enjoy tasty food but also join in cooking class. That sounds great, right?

Together with kids, your family has a chance to learn how to make some simple but special Vietnamese dishes. Besides a professional cooking class, how about asking your friendly local friends to help? They are willing to show you step by step of preparing their daily foods.

In this way, you can decide the level of involvement in the cooking process with kids as well as the dish in advance. Let’s prepare the dish with all your family members. If having a lot of free time, we highly recommend starting to visit the local market first. Therefore, your kids will have a fantastic hands-on experience with fresh ingredients. 

You’d better share the jobs for all members and don’t forget to give kids a chance to be in the process. Even small children can handle many simple tasks like mixing ingredients, grinding, pouring the sauce over food. That might be something normal to adults but so meaningful and joyful for kids. Let’s give them compliments and share happy moments together.

7.  Take a bicycle trip around

If you are getting tired of walking, why don’t you rent a bike? It’s a great idea to go around the town with kids and explore. You can find many houses providing this service in Vietnam. Just a few dollars per hour and you will have many happy moments with your family.

You should cycle in the less crowded street for the best experience. Rural villages,off-the-beaten-path streets are our recommendations. In those places, you will never have to face up with traffic problems as well as the crowd. It opens a truly local world for you. 

While riding, you can find daily moments like people working in the garden or some old man gathering to play chess. Let’s share the moment with your kids and listen to their thoughts. If you do something with your beloved one(s), simple things can become so meaningful, right?

go around the town with kids
Rent a bike and cycle around the street with kids

8.  Become an explorer in a national forest

Does your family love being with nature? If yes, Vietnam is definitely the right choice to go! 

In our country, there are many national parks opening for visitors to come and explore. Each park has its own biological ecosystem depending on climate and geographical location. The Vietnamese government has been doing well to protect the value of national parks along with the rise of industry and tourism. Therefore, you are able to meet various animals and plants, even endangered species.

A journey to a Vietnamese national park with kids will be amazing moments. It will be an eye-opener for them to learn and know more about natural creatures. Parents should interact with kids so that all members of the family are on an adventurous journey together. Plus, you can also show your kids how to go green in order to protect natural creatures from extinction.

9.  Be imaginative in a natural cave

Besides the wonderful view of mountains, beaches, deltas, rice fields, and river systems, Vietnam has numerous stunning natural caves to explore. Those caves have been forming for millions of years with the amazing works of water. Vietnamese people have an old proverb: “water flows to erose rocks” – its literal sense is so true in this case. 

If we just look from outside the mountain, there is nothing interesting to say but a black hole. Otherwise, you can see a whole universe deep inside. That is what makes the cave become so attractive. 

The erosion and consolidation progress create stunning scenery with various forms of rocks. It’s a perfect place to let your kids’ imagination fly. You’d better do it, too. Such an occasion doesn’t happen very often and you shouldn’t miss the chance.

natural cave in Vietnam
Be creative and share happy moments with your children

10. Ride basket boat

Have you ever heard of a basket boatbefore? It is a bamboo-woven boat that has a round shape and looks like a giant basket. In Vietnam, locals use the boat to ship people, catch fish, as well as transport goods. You can easily find this special type of boat almost everywhere along the Vietnamese coastline.

Riding basket boats is a must-try experience when in Vietnam. Your family is going on a trip to explore gorgeous views from a different angle. While on the boat, you and your kids also can try your paddling skills with the help of locals. It will be difficult then you know how clever residents are. Moreover, locals will show you their fishing techniques to catch aquatic creatures. 

11. Go fishing is a great experience for family

Going fishing, a kid-friendly experience for family trips, must be in your itinerary in Vietnam. This activity is super fun and amazing. Depending on your trip, let’s choose to go fishing in the river or in the ocean. Through the experience, you can show your kid how to stay patient to achieve the desired success and teach them to appreciate the hard work of fishermen and farmers.

If it is the first time your family goes fishing together, let’s teach kids how to do it. He/she will be so happy when catching a fish himself/herself. Plus, the view from the boat is such a marvelous view. While waiting for fish, chatting with locals and enjoying great landscapes is not bad, right? 

12. Beachside activities

Thanks to a long coastline, Vietnam is full of wonderful beaches with white sand and sparkling turquoise water. There is nothing better than going to the beach on a hot summer day! Plus, it’s one of the best kid-friendly places in Vietnam no matter how old they are.

Most of the year, the ocean is pretty calm and the weather is nice for your family trip in Vietnam with kids. Parents can feel free to let them walk or run on the sand. For more interesting activities, you and your kids can together build sandcastles,  collect shells, draw on the ground, and play with a ball.

travel to Vietnam with kids
Vietnamese beaches are safe zones for kids to play

13. Cruise The Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is the biggest “rice bowl” in Vietnam. The area features a huge network of canals and rivers, that makes its special characteristic – a tropical maze in southern Vietnam. Have you ever explored a large delta by boat only? If not, take your chance right in the Mekong Delta.

In this place, you can have numerous things to do with kids. The floating market is definitely a must-go on your list. It reflects the local lifestyle, culture, and food. People sell all types of goods on their small boats. 

To get a closer look at the daily life of a local, you’d better explore the floating village. You will know how important the water is to the life of residents. Almost daily activities from cooking, washing clothes, washing dishes, and building fish farms. Besides, you can take your kids to fruit orchids to harvest and enjoy numerous tropical juicy fruits.

fun experience for family in Vietnam villages
Your kids will have many unforgettable memories in the Me Kong Delta.

14. Take half-day/a day to be a farmer

Growing crops in Vietnam is still in traditional ways. Therefore, it would be a great idea for your family to work like a local with this activity. Through working, your kids have a chance to be with nature and get a respectful attitude to the food they eat every day.

You should leave your fear of getting dirty behind and be ready with the fun experience for family in Vietnam villages. Depending on your choice, you will take part in farming activities like planting crops, picking worms, watering, plowing, harvesting, etc. 

Most activities require bare hands to do so be calm to let your kids get dirty. Let’s just watch how the child is doing and show them the right way. Plus, you need to prepare to answer a hundred curious questions from kids. In spite of dirt, all members will have a lot of fun experiences when working like local farmers themselves.

15. Get to know more about Vietnamese history

Long history as it’s been through, Vietnam still has a lot of ancient villages, ruins, as well as historical relics in the country. That means it’s pretty easy for your family to take a journey to the past. Let’s be ready to be a historical explorer in Vietnam!

There are many aspects of history you can explore through your journey to the past like ancient rural architecture, feudal dynasties, wars, literature, and arts. Besides famous ancient cities like Hanoi and Hue, you can easily find out many amazing historic spots along the length of Vietnam.

What is your family’s favorite part? Do quick research, find out your answer and then you will know exactly where to go. Let’s explore the location with kids. You might be surprised at your child’s historical knowledge and/or good memorizing skills.

ancient cities in Vietnam
A journey to the past is such an amazing experience


After reading our suggestions, don’t you think traveling Vietnam with kids is difficult? This wonderful country provides the most amazing experience for family at all times. Do a Vietnam trip once and we’re sure that you really want to go back again and again.

In addition, a private trip for family will be your smart choice to get the best experience in Vietnam. Contact Us, tell us what you want, and that’s all you need. We will conscientiously create a proper customized tour for family with personalized options. Therefore, you guys will have authentic local experiences everywhere you go for sure.

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