Adventure travel has been the travel trend recently. Depending on travelers’ perspectives about the adventurous of the trip, there are many outdoor activities for the term. 

According to a survey conducted by Thrillophilia, US travelers seem to love trekking most in Asia. Besides, water sports, paragliding, rock climbing, skiing are top-rated adventurous activities.  

travel adventures in Vietnam
Favorite outdoor activities of US visitors are trekking, water sports, and paragliding

How about your opinion? Are you seeking for a best nation to experience in Asia?

Vietnam is the country we highly recommend to everyone! Along its length come various types of adventurous experiences

which suite all visitors’ favorite. 

Finding a destination for travel adventures in Vietnam is a piece of cake. Indeed, there are plentiful suggestions of places that feature picturesque landscapes as well as outdoor activities getting your blood pumping.

Do you want to get the best experience in Vietnam?Here are TOP 15 best  Vietnamese destinations that foreign tourists should visit for promisingly adventurous experiences.

1.  Ma Pi Leng pass (Ha Giang) – one of the best motorbiking travel adventures in Vietnam

First of all, we are going to talk about Ma Pi Leng Pass – one of the best destinations for adventure travel North Vietnam. This destination is known as one of the “four great pass peaks” in the mountainous of the North. 

Motorbiking is a highly recommended adventurous activity for visitors. Via the choice, you have a better chance to experience an unforgettable scenic-but-risky route of your life. Be prepared for steep and winding roads. The thick fog often covers most of the area, conceals unexpected roads works. Moreover, you need to stay well-aware all the time because road barriers seem to be non-existent in many places.

The tough route only for brave drivers
The tough route only for brave drivers

In spite of the tough route, there are hidden stunning views awaiting brave drivers. When the fog clears, some of the most spectacular sceneries appear. With the height of 1200 m and 20 km length, the pass brings you views of rolling mountain ranges and meandering rivers.  Faraway from the road, you will notice small ethnic villages, vertical farms, terraced rice fields. 

In addition, boating on the Nho Que River is a must if you have time. From a different point of view, you gradually discover new dreamy sceneries. 

2.  Ba Khan valley (Hoa Binh)

Discovering Ba Khan valley will make your adventurous trip in Vietnam unforgettable. This is a “sleeping fairy” hidden in the deep wild forest of Hoa Binh because the land isn’t well-known for tourists (both domestic and foreign).

Ba Khan valley stands at the root of Thung Khe Pass. You can get there by car or motorbike while passing through the Da river and wild scenic views. Come to the valley early in the morning and you will have an opportunity to behold the fancy beauty of white clouds covering the land. 

There are many interesting places for you to discover in Ba Khan valley. Its special traits are the untouched landscape full of wild flora and the traditional lifestyle of ethnic people. We’re sure you will be impressed at a large plateau along the Da river (which looks like Halong Bay in miniature) and Tan Mai waterfall.

We have a Halong Bay miniature in Ba Khan valley
We have a Halong Bay miniature in Ba Khan valley.

3.  Lim Mong village (Mu Cang Chai)

Have you ever heard that Lim Mong village provides amazing traveladventures for singles, couples, and even families? So, what makes the destination unique?

Lim Mong is a small remote village where Mong ethnic group lives. Before reaching the land, you must pass through the bumpy winding road (also called the dancing road). It’s even tougher when on a rainy day in the fact that the road turns muddy and slippery. 

Although the route provides a challenging ride, motorbiking lovers can’t miss to conquer it. Plus, a dreamy land standing on the high mountain is waiting for you. If motorbiking is too much, then choose to come there by car instead. When arriving in Lim Mong village, you can go trekking in your own route. 

The journey definitely gives you the authentic taste of local life in the mountainous area. In addition, don’t forget to try young green sticky rice (also known as “cốm” in Vietnamese) if you visit the village in the harvesting season.

4.  Mount Fansipan – the highest peak in Indochina (Lao Cai)

One of the most must-try adventurous things to do in Vietnam is conquering its highest peak. We are talking about Mount Fansipan with 3,143 meters high. It’s also the highest peak in Indochina. This journey is going to be tough but full of amazing experiences for enthusiastic climbers.

Fansipan is the roof of Vietnam as well as Indochina.
Fansipan is the roof of Vietnam as well as Indochina.

It takes about 3 days to get to the top of the mount with various challenges of rough and steep terrain as well as wild creatures.  So, you’d better attempt this climb if you are fit. Plus, you should be well-prepared to stay safe and sound during this journey. If not, choose a cable car instead.

In spite of the tough challenge, the trek will provide you the most stunning landscapes of remote areas along your journey. Claim your victory and you’ll achieve the magnificent reward for the winner, which is the panoramic view from the roof of Indochina.

5.  Y Ty commune (Lao Cai)

Mountain biking will never sound tedious in the scenic countryside of Y Ty commune. According to numerous visitors, they claimed that this activity is one of the must-try travel adventures in Vietnam. Let’s see what is interesting in there!

Honestly, Y Ty commune is a remote destination that foreign travelers hardly know. It’s outshone by well-known Sapa, by the way. At the moment you put your first step in the land, you soon know all your effort is worth it. Everything in Y Ty is untouched with its pristine beauty from landscapes, creatures to the local lifestyle. 

Y Ty - Lao Cai

On the other hand, you surely can explore Y Ty commune via trekking. With this choice, there is no need to spend money to rent a bike. Plus, you are able to experience the view closer and have opportunities to make friends with locals. 

6.  Stunning natural caves in Quang Binh – must-try travel adventures in Vietnam 

We highly suggest caving activities for your travel adventures in Vietnam since the country is full of natural stunning cave to discover. One of the best destinations is the Son Doong cave in Quang Binh, which is the largest one in the world.  The size of the cave is so large that a Boeing B747 can fly through. Besides, Quang Binh has other caves namely Phong Nha cave, Tien Son cave, and Thuy Cung cave.

Son Doong cave is the world’s largest cave.
Son Doong cave is the world’s largest cave.

It’s hard to describe the beauty of Son Doong through words. By the way, you can find a whole new universe lying inside the mountain. The amazing work of water has created diverse geographical terrains and rock shapes for millions of years. With our creative imagination, the world inside Son Doong cave looks like a fairy, dreamy place where surreal creatures live.

For zip-lining lovers, there is the longest route in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. It stretches 400 meters (1312 feet) in total with the line passing over the river towards the entrance of the Dark Cave. If you are addicted to zip-lining, there is no reason to skip it in Vietnam.

7.  Ta Lang – Gian Bi villages (Da Nang)

If you want to go wild in Da Nang city, one of the best choices is to explore two villages named Ta Lang and Gian Bi. Both of them boast their untouched beauty with lush green flora, spectacular mountain ranges, and cool clear streams. The destination promises to bring you the real wildlife of South Vietnam.

Ta Lang and Gian Bi villages are perfect for numerous outdoor activities like trekking, stream bathing, fishing, and camping. From there, you can feel immersed in nature with the peaceful sounds of waters, wild birds. In addition, don’t forget to visit the Co Tu community in two villages. Locals people have preserved their brocade weaving, traditional lifestyle, and age-old architecture of Guoi house pretty well.

7.	Ta Lang - Gian Bi Villages Da Nang

8.  Paragliding in Son Tra Mountain (Da Nang)

Son Tra mountain must be in your checklist right away, we bet! 

It’s not so far from the city center (right on Son Tra peninsula) but surely gives you the best astonishing and breathtaking scenery. More than a place to see, we are sure that the destination will let your heart race with paragliding. This sports hosts by a team called Danang Paragliding club. 

Paragliding in Son Tra Mountain
Don’t miss the chance to fly over the sea and mountains in Da Nang.

Paragliding in Son Tra Mountain is a new adventurous activity in the city as well as Vietnam. From high above, you will have the birds-eye view of the whole city. In the fact that there are numerous participants but limited guiders, you should contact the club in advance to least 2 weeks. So, check your duration and book a ticket to not miss the chance!

9.  Da Dia reef (Phu Yen) – one of the best travel adventures in Vietnam

Are you looking fortravel adventures for couples in Vietnam? The trip has toprovide memorable experiences with stunning landscapes but not too much extreme to make the heart pump crazily? We bet you guys will be satisfied with a trip to Da Dia Reef in Phu Yen!

Trekking Da Dia Reef brings you the unique view of basalt formed rocks. It’s a result of volcanism process of 200 million years ago. You should never miss the chance to explore this destination since it is one of few places having this phenomenon in the world. 

When you see Da Dia reef from a distance, it’s just like a giant beehive. Getting closer, you will notice that stones appear in various shapes of hexagon, pentagon, square stacking on the top of each other. Plus, there are many small puddles along the rapids. They are like a miniature marine world where shrimps, fishes, snails, starfishes live.

Da Dia reef appearance looks like a black giant beehive.
Da Dia reef appearance looks like a black giant beehive.

10. Snorkeling in Hon Mun island (Nha Trang)

Your travel adventures in Vietnam won’t be complete without a snorkeling trip in Hon Mun island. This wonderful land features stunning landscapes of white-sand beaches, sparkling ocean water, and a peaceful vibe like the well-known Maldive.Diving in Nha Trang, especially in Hon Mun island will never be a bad idea.

The pristine untouched water holds a marvelous marine universe inside. Just jump into the ocean and you are on a journey to discover new sites continuously. You might be surprised at the diversity of the unspoiled underwater life because those creatures are colorful and vary in shapes, sizes, and appearances. 

A colorful marine world is right under the water.
A colorful marine world is right under the water.

11. Mui Ne (Binh Thuan)

According to a lot of visitors, they claimed that Mui Ne is such an amazing adventure sports capital of Vietnam. In this place, you can do plentiful adventurous activities, especially sandboarding, kite surfing, and paddleboarding.

The best time for sandboarding in Mui Ne is in the early morning. At this time, the weather isn’t too hot to heat up sand dunes. Therefore, you can practice surfing as well as rolling down the dunes. There’s no need to be professional already! If this is your first time, you can rent a board then enjoy goofing around, rolling down. It’s heaps of fun for sure.

Visitors love kitesurfing in Mui Ne, too. We highly recommend the activities in your travel adventures in Vietnam checklist. Unlike sandboarding which lets you slide on the sand dunes, this activity is on the ocean. Surfers hang from a kite, ride the waves with a surfboard. You need to control the board to stay balanced and enjoy the exhilarating experiences. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to try paddleboarding in Mui Ne. This water sport is a mix of surfing and kayaking. You will stand on a board and use your skills to paddle around in the sea. It requires some practice as you are a beginner. 

White sand dunes in Mui Ne.
White sand dunes in Mui Ne.

12. Canyoning and/or abseiling waterfalls in Da Lat

Da Lat is a famous romantic place for numerous vibrant flowers and ancient structures. But that’s not what an adrenaline junkie looking for! Does anybody tell you that this city is one of the top-rated destinations for adventure travel South Vietnam?

In Da Lat, you will find a handful of stunning waterfalls which is not only for sightseeing but also for fun canyoning and abseiling. While conquering the water, it provides you a great combination of adventure and skills. 

Canyoning in Da Lat is much tougher than it looks but we’re sure that everybody will enjoy it. Otherwise, you are easy to have fun with abseiling after a brief safety induction. Who wouldn’t love to abseil, slide, and jump down waterfalls, right? This outdoor activity gives us great chances to relax all muscles and have fun with splashing water. 

Worrying about too much challenging? Well, there are some easier routes for beginners. Otherwise, you can choose the hard one which is not for the faint-hearted.

Canyoning in Da Lat
Don’t miss out on water sports in Da Lat.

13. Ngoan Muc pass (Da Lat)

Ngoan Muc Pass or Ngoan Muc mountain pass is at an elevation of 980 meters above the sea level. It’s famous for the dangerous route which attracts motorbiking lovers. 

To conquer the mountain pass, you need to ride the bike through an asphalted, steep route with many sharp turns. At the top of it, you will find a spectacular waterfall, lush green pine forests, as well as the Bellevue train station. In addition, the view on the roadside is so breathtaking. On those clear days, you are able to see all the ways across the plain to the Pacific Ocean.

Ngoan Muc Pass

14. Madagui Forest City (Lam Dong)

Seeking for travel adventures in Vietnamwithin one place? There is nothing better than going to Madagui Forest City in Lam Dong! The destination is a special complex for outdoor activities, restaurants, accommodations, and culinary arts.

Basing on the natural conditions, Madagui Forest City created numerous interesting games, including land games and aquatic games: paintball, zorbing, rock climbing, shooting, kayaking, jet-skiing, and so on. The all-in-one destination brings you the most fantastic adventurous experiences for family, couple, or team.

travel adventures in Vietnam
Visit Madagui Forest City to get a lot of fun.

15. Ta Pa rice terraces (An Giang)

Rice terraces are somethings that all foreign visitors think about the characteristic of mountainous areas in North Vietnam. It’s true but not enough. On the way to look for destinations for adventure travel South Vietnam, we found out Ta Pa rice terraces in An Giang.

As you know, the Mekong Delta is the biggest “rice bowl” of Vietnam. Thanks to the favorable climate and soil fertility, rice can grow thrivingly in this area that leads to the highest rice produce. Among those endless rice fields, Ta Pa stands out as the only terraced field in the areas. How strange!

The unique form of rice fields rooted in the cultivation practices of the Khmer people. Locals have kept the traditional method until now. In this adventure travel to South Vietnam, you can choose to go trekking or discover the area by bike. Take a deep breath of cool fresh air and immerse yourself into a peaceful rural vibe.

adventure travel to South Vietnam
Ta Pa rice terraces.


The list of fantastic destinations to travel adventures in Vietnam is more than what we mentioned here. Thanks to the tropical climate and geography, the country is brimming of amazing places to go. If you have other destinations, tell us! Besides, let’s stay tuned to get more useful Vietnam travel guides from Xin Chao Locals.

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