Are you planning to visit Vietnam? Let’s consider taking a private tour. Read this article of 10 reasons to arrange a private tour in Vietnam.

When it comes to traveling in Vietnam, a wide range of tourism packages will attract tourists. Backpacking or going on tour has its points. Young people often like to travel by themselves, while those who are busy working or older people usually take tours.

Among several sorts of tour packages in the S-shaped country, Vietnam’s private tour will give you outstanding experiences. Let’s see the 10 reasons to do private tours in Vietnam.

1. Customize your itinerary

The first reason why you should take a private tour in Vietnam is that you will be free to make choices. You have the right to decide how long to stay, where to go next, where to shop, or even where you can skip.

You can schedule your journey or ask the operator to plan based on your criteria. Depending on budget, health conditions, duration of the tour, you are allowed to choose accommodation or service as you want.

Everyday is a Good Day in Vietnam
Everyday is a Good Day in Vietnam

2. Stay away from tourist traps

Private tours in Vietnam can make sure that you would have a safe trip. If you go with a trustworthy local tour operator, a local person will be your guide. With the extensive experience and understanding of native tour guides, they will help you avoid many tourist traps that you may never know before.

Walking through a local market in district 3 Ho Chi Minh city
Go places Locals go

In case you travel with your parents and kids, there is a private car with a qualified driver to make sure that you will always feel comfortable. Also, it helps you to stay away from the taxi scams in Vietnam. Some private tours even include travel insurance in a package to raise the satisfaction of travelers.

3. Decide what you eat

Going on private tours, you would feel like this is a tailor-made trip just for you. The benefit of Vietnam private tours is that you can choose food and restaurants according to your preferences. You have the freedom to eat and drink all the specialties to your liking.

If you rack your brain to think but still don’t know what to eat, you can ask your local guide.

Vietnamese Banh Mi - Saigon Foodie Tour
Must-Try Banh Mi in Vietnam

4. No worry about fixed itinerary

Traveling with a big group means you will have to adhere to an itinerary that might not be correspondent with your favorite. On a big group tour, the hosts cannot gratify everybody, so you are likely to be stuck with strict travel plans.

Riding through local market in Saigon

Vietnam private tours have provided versatility. It seems much simpler if you want to substitute one activity for another. The itinerary is flexibly modified to meet your specific needs, including meals, sightseeing, transportation, etc.

5. Get the best guide

Getting to know about residents in a country is now on top of many visitors’ dream lists. Private tours in Vietnam can make sure that your wish will become true.

Saigon Food Tour - learning to make rice paper
Enjoy making rice paper on Foodie Tour in Saigon

When you arrive at your pick-up point, you will be greeted by a tour guide who will escort you to your hotel. Besides, he/she will help you arrange your itinerary, and always be available for questions or grievances during your stay. During your journey in Vietnam, you will have local tour guides by your side. Maybe they would become your true friends.

6. Save more time for your passion

Phong Nha national park - Xinchao Private Vietnam Tours
Beautiful river in Phong Nha National Park

Instead of staying in a spot with a group tour that you’re not excited at all, during your trips, you can cut it short and save time for more interesting places whenever you wish.

You can take a private adventure tour like going to some rocky provinces in the north of Vietnam once in your lifetime. Enjoying the whole majestic scenery of nature will release you from all the pressure in life.

7. Get local insights and can ask all the questions in the world

Good morning Hoian - Private Vietnam Tour Guide
Good Morning Hoian

Native tour guides have lots of fairy tales and anecdotes to tell. Also, they have interactions with other residents that they will introduce you along the route. Without the support of local guides, you would not have the culture-filled and authentic experiences in Vietnam.

8. Get to appreciate the history of the destination

All the places of interest in Vietnam have an interesting historical story behind it. For example, personal visits in the S-shaped land – Vietnam come into their own if you hit Halong Bay.

It is known as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is distinguished by its thousands of granite islands vertically protruding from the sea. Come to Halong, you may not only enjoy the spectacular scenes but also appreciate the history behind this destination.

Collecting oyster in Lap An lagoon
Oysters collected by a local boat

Besides, local guides will bring you to places where most tourists may not have the chance to visit. You will see Vietnam in a different and closer view.

9. No waiting for another stranger

You do not have to waste your time waiting for other strangers like when going on group tours anymore. And if you love to stop for an ice-cold beer for a lovely night, you only ask your tour guide instead of asking for dozens of people. That sounds more comfortable.

Riding bicycle through Chay village in Phong Nha National Park
Riding through Chay village in Phong Nha

10. It may be cheaper than you think

Private tours may be expensive in comparison with group tours, but the values you will get is worth your expenses. No hidden extra money is charged.

Alleys in Ho Chi Minh city

On the other hand, traveling on group tours, you do not know what additional charges are waiting for you. To consider the value of the trip, you should look at the comfort and relaxation you enjoy.

In Conclusion…

That is the list of 10 reasons to do private tours in Vietnam. Hopefully, after reading this article, you may find something interesting about going on Vietnam private tours. I think you may consider them for your Vietnam trip.

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