Vietnam is favored by Mother nature with numerous mighty and poetic landscapes. Picturesque rice terraces carved into steep hillsides, market days that are a riot of color, limestone peaks jutting out from azure waters, and white-sand beaches stretching for miles. That is Vietnam in the eyes of travelers from all over the world.

1. Sapa

The majestic Northwest region is located on the mountainside (1500-1600m high), hides many miracles of nature and locals. Given these geographical features, Sapa has a cool climate all year round. The town in the clouds thus becomes increasingly attractive to tourists from all over the world.

The beautiful Muong Hoa valley is hidden in the hillsides along the crystal clear stream, creating a tranquil landscape. From January to March annually, blooming plum flowers and peach blossoms cover a corner of the sky, sketching the poetic scenery that no other place can compare. That period of time is also the festival season of the Mong community. Local girls and boys put on traditional costumes with vibrant colors and sophisticated textures, dancing in the love market. The period from September to October is the season of ripe rice. On clear days, you can observe the golden terraces deeply carved into the hillside with Mount Fansipan – the highest peak of Vietnam in the distance view. 

Terraced fields carved into the hillside create a poetic scene
Terraced fields carved into the hillside create a poetic scene

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2. Phu Yen – Quy Nhon

Phu Yen and Quy Nhon are both situated in the central coastal area and are next to each other on the map, therefore visitors coming to one of these two locations often visit the other.

The sunny season from April to September every year is considered the golden time to travel to those coastal cities. The blue sky and warm weather are convenient for all outdoor activities such as swimming, camping, and playing sports.

Referring to Quy Nhon, tourists often refer to Eo Gio as an interesting tourist symbol with winding roads following the rocky mountains and embracing the strait. This place is unspoiled and intact as inherently natural. Quy Nhon is not only that but there are also various tourist attractions here.

Eo Gio - Quy Nhon from above
Eo Gio – Quy Nhon from above

Let’s move to Phu Yen city, Quy Nhon’s neighbor! Coming to Mai Nha Island, you can observe the idyllic beauty of the sea in every dust and dawn. This place is quiet, suitable for a peaceful vacation. Besides, there is only one indigenous family on the island. Living separately from the rest of the world here will help you dispel the chaos of life and give you the most unique experiences. Vuc Phun is sheltered by vast green forests and spectacular cliffs on clear lakes and streams. Diep Son Island is extremely well-known for its unique walking path in the middle of the sea when the tide goes down. Along with countless bays and beaches, Bai Xep is included and popular for the movie “Yellow flowers on green grass”. 

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3. Ninh Binh – Trang An

There are two most appropriate times to visit Ninh Binh: spring and summer. From January to March, the cool weather is absolutely suitable for a spring walk. During this time, tourists often come to Bai Dinh pagoda to pray for a year full of fortune and blessing. The period from April to June is in the hot summer when paddy fields are covered with the yellow color of ripe rice in Tam Coc – Bich Dong. The scenery is even more brilliant.

The mysterious Trang An landscape is surrounded by verdant nature full of vitality. The image of a rustic canoe drifting on a clear and calm lake in the shadow of poetic limestone mountains magnetizes countless visitors. It is the majesty of the limestone mountain system and the mystery of the stalactite caves that create the magnetism of this place. 

The charming scenery in Ninh Binh
The charming scenery in Ninh Binh

Trang An is also an ideal stopover for travelers who love to exercise and explore. Tourists coming here can partake in many mountain climbing tours. To experience the journey of hiking through 3 consecutive passes, from Can pass – Vai pass – to Tran pass. On the road, visitors might both experience physical activities and clearly see the magic of nature through the towering limestone walls. Another tourist site which needs to be mentioned is Mua cave with the famous steps stretching to the top of the mountain. From above, the whole landscape of Ninh Binh appears in front of your eyes like a watercolor painting.

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4. Phong Nha – Ke Bang

When it comes to Phong Nha – Ke Bang, the first thing that springs to travelers’ minds is the majestic limestone mountain system and 300 different caves of which each one has its own characteristics. Besides, Son Doong has been honored as the largest natural cave with an extremely rich and rare ecosystem. En cave, Tien cave, and Tu Lan cave also belong to the beautiful Phong Nha cave system. Those have been put into tourism exploitation and attract lots of adventurous tourists. 

The dry season from April to August is the most favorable time to travel to Quang Binh and discover unspoiled nature and immerse yourself in the green. The summer weather is warm and sunny, which is perfect for sightseeing, wading streams, and conquering caves.

Magical stalactites in Phong Nha
Magical stalactites in Phong Nha

Passing through the forest are enchantingly beautiful routes. On one side, the limestone cliffs are covered with vines while on the other side, soft streams wind along the road. The clear blue sky reflected on the sparkling river and luxuriant vegetation will capture your eyes and dispel all worries of the hustle and bustle of city life. This is definitely a place you should visit once in your life.

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5. Da Nang

Da Nang is not strange to domestic and foreign tourists. Renowned for a green city worth living in, Da Nang is bustling but not too rushed, always bringing visitors a feeling of rejuvenation every time being there. The weather is cool with the fresh air thanks to the Han River flowing into the city. Leaning back on the sacred Son Tra Mountain on one side and spreading out on the white-sand beach on the other side, Da Nang is always tranquil and poetic in the eyes of tourists worldwide. 

Apart from famous places and unique bridges, free and independent travelers can explore fascinating activities in the Son Tra peninsula. About 20km away from the city center, Hoa Trung Lake in the prosperous suburb is all you can imagine about the peaceful countryside and relaxing vacation with family and friends. The clear water here is about to make your vacation more meaningful and fresh.

Da Nang is famous for its unique bridges
Da Nang is famous for its unique bridges

You might see yourself in outdoorsy activities including camping to watch the sunrise and paragliding to contemplate the panoramic view of the city from above. Along with adventure games on the sea such as parachute canoeing, Da Nang is serene but not boring. Moreover, tourists may stop by the Cham museum to learn more about Cham culture in Vietnam.

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6. Binh Ba – Nha Trang

Binh Ba is a small island in Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province. Because it is not widely known, Binh Ba still retains the pristine beauty and is described as a clear pearl between the sea and the sky. The white sand mirrors the sparkling sunlight like a silk strip embracing the crystal sea. Taking a small boat through the pure water, you can observe colorful coral reefs.

Traveling to Binh Ba, immersing in the cool water, and blending in with the local life with hospitable people here will give you a wonderfully localized trip and unique experience. The calm island is loved and cherished by any visitor who has ever set foot here. Idyllic beaches such as Bai Nom, Sa Huynh, Bai Chuong, Hon Rua, and Nha Cu are nestled next to the magnificent mountains, gently lapping the waves on the shore. Once coming to these places on old wooden boats, diving into the cool water, eating seafood, and encountering fishermen, then you really recognize the whole attractiveness.

Binh Ba Island is full of sunshine, warm and quiet in the eyes of tourists
Binh Ba Island is full of sunshine, warm and quiet in the eyes of tourists

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7. Mui Ne – Phan Thiet

Did you know that foreign tourists always whisper to each other about a paradise in Vietnam with year-round warmth, a sunny sky, and blue seas? That is Mui Ne – Phan Thiet. Dreamy blue coast, white sand with overwhelming high sand dunes, and a distinctly tropical climate, this place will definitely be a great place on the list for your next vacation.

Phan Thiet paradise with blue sea and sunshine all year round
Phan Thiet paradise with blue sea and sunshine all year round

Phan Thiet is well-known as a relaxing destination for families with many comfortable beachfront resorts but affordable prices. Besides, there are many popular natural sites for family gatherings. The Bay sand dunes and the pristine Yen cape are dyed with an impressive red sun, suitable for a family picnic.

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8. Mekong Delta

Not only domestic tourists but also foreign independent travelers are fond of the rustic beauty of the Mekong Delta. Being favored by nature, ecotourism is gradually developing with the forms of garden tourism, waterway tourism, and tourism associated with natural reserves. 

Floating on a small boat in the middle of Bong Gun pond, which is as beautiful as a fairy tale or getting lost in the mysterious melaleuca forest with a narrow winding wooden bridge, is a distinctive experience. Visitors will feel the nature around them through their eyes looking at the beautiful landscape. Listening to the sound of the water splashing under the inclined oars, smelling the lily scent, touching the cool clear water,  how unique a trip can be?

The vivid beauty of the Mekong delta
The vivid beauty of the Mekong delta

The Mekong Delta paints a vivid picture of rivers and the bustling life of people here. Tra Su melaleuca forest, Sa Dec flower village, Can Tho garden have added vibrant colors to the overall picture, making visitors attached once coming.

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9. Phu Quoc

Being famous for the idyllic beaches, diverse landscapes, and various historical sites, Phu Quoc has welcomed millions of tourists every year to relax, visit and explore. Phu Quoc Pearl Island is pretty large and interesting outdoor activities are countless, so you will need a specific plan to fully enjoy your time there. Some outstanding activities such as scuba diving to see corals, night squid fishing, or visiting an amusement park will certainly not disappoint you.

Phu Quoc Island welcomes millions of tourists every year
Phu Quoc Island welcomes millions of tourists every year

Phu Quoc is most crowded in the summer. However, the time from October to March is still quite nice with fewer tourists, thus it is suitable for sightseeing and experiencing nature during this COVID-19 season. In addition to some popular places, you and your family can go to Ganh Dau cape or organize a picnic in the forest by Tranh Lake to enjoy the green space. Stop by Ham Ninh to watch the sunrise on the sea in the early morning and experience life like a local fishing villager, or explore the primeval forest like a true adventurer. Such close-to-nature activities not only take you away from the crowds but also help you recognize the hidden beauty of this island.

Car rental options in Phu Quoc are numerous, depending on who you’re traveling with. If you are traveling with your loved one, you can rent a motorbike to run around, breathe in the fresh air on the “Pearl Island” and behold the open space. If this is a family trip, a car with a private driver is the most reasonable option for your flexible itinerary.

10. Con Dao

A place that cannot be skipped when going for an independent trip in Vietnam is Con Dao. Just like Phu Quoc, this place is renowned for its peaceful beaches and craggy cliffs that cover the pure waters. Coming to Con Dao, you have the chance to enjoy the open space in front of you at the headlands overlooking the sea such as Shark cape or Tau Be cape. Immersing yourself in the cool water at famous beaches surrounded by green mountains like Dam Trau beach and An Hai beach is also a great experience.

Apart from beautiful natural scenes, tourists come to Con Dao for cultural values ​​and sacred spirit. The historical site of Con Dao prison and the cemetery of Vo Thi Sau’s grave are always crowded. During the pandemic, you can choose another time of year apart from the peak season to travel to avoid overcrowding such as March to May or September to November.

Come to Con Dao Island to enjoy the tranquil space
Come to Con Dao Island to enjoy the tranquil space

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Most visitors who have been to those places agree that Vietnam is a magical country. If you have chances to visit there, you might be surprised by the beauty of nature, the culture and locals’ hospitality.

And don’t forget that transportation plays a crucial role in travel. Henceforth, contact Gobooyaa and let us smooth your schedule.


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